Karcher® KM 70/20C Manual Push Sweeper - 28"

Karcher® KM 70/20C Manual Push Sweeper - 28"

Item # 355KM7020-EA

  • If your requirement is for a manual push sweeper with superior fine dust control capabilities this is the ideal choice.
  • Main broom: 19"; Sweeping method: Dustpan
  • Container capacity: 11 gal.; Weight: 50.7 lbs
  • Productivity (max theoretical): 30,000 sq ft per hour
28", ea
List Price: $1,261.14/EA
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When sweeping, the main broom rotation causes a windmill suction effect pulling in fine dust, then exhausting the air through a large capacity synthetic filter which traps the particles.


  • This rugged sweeper is constructed of corrosion-free, impact resistant plastics, designed to last for years.
  • For outstanding sweeping performance the main and side brooms are water-resistant long wearing polypropylene, and fully adjustable
  • Ideal for cleaning paths, halls, sidewalks and warehouses quickly and conveniently.
  • Cleans 5-times faster than manual sweeping alone resulting in reduced labor costs.
  • Limited slip differential drive system provides power to both wheels resulting in consistent sweeping action even when turning left or right.
  • Adjustable side broom swings out of the way when not required for cleaning.
  • Adjustable roller broom height with 5 different positions.
  • Underthrow sweeping for easy handling, low dust levels and ease of operator use.
  • Polycarbonate frame is durable, corrosion-free and impact resistant yet light weight for optimum operator comfort and ease of storage.
  • Adjustable handle is ergonomically designed for fatigue-free operator comfort.
  • Folds completely flat for convenient storage.
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