PRO-LINK® 9.5% Clinging Bowl Cleaner - 1 L

Item # 2202101-LT

  • A one-step hydrochloric (HCL) bowl cleaner that cleans and disinfects in one operation.
  • Fragrance: floral
1 L, 12/cs
  • Description

Detergent additives produce a viscous, clinging formulation, which improves cleaning efficiency. Corrosion inhibitors coat drain pipes with an invisible molecular film, which protects pipes. Detergent additives emulsify organic soils and black algae allowing the acid to reach and dissolve mineral deposits. Thick advanced technology detergents tenaciously cling to vertical surfaces. Simply more powerful, as the cleaner is not diluted and dwells longer on the surface. Disease causing bacteria and other micro-organisms are invisible to the naked eye. A disinfectant that kills disease-causing bacteria even in the presence of organic soil (5% blood serum).